Johnstown Pediatric Dentistry

Our team is excited to welcome your child to our pediatric dental practice! Each team member was hand-selected because they love caring for children, and we look forward to meeting your little one.

A Safe Environment for Your Child’s Smile

Our pediatric dentist has extensive skills and training that go beyond a general dentist’s training, making them the best choice to care for your child’s precious smile.

We welcome children to our dental office as soon as their first teeth arrive, and we care for them throughout childhood and adolescence. Your little one should have their first dental visit as soon as their first tooth arrives, and we should continue preventive checkups every six months, incorporating teeth cleanings as they get older.

Our team is also well-equipped to care for children with special needs, so you can rest assured your child is in good hands when it comes to their dental care, no matter their needs.

Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry for Healthy and Happy Smiles

Whether it’s time for your child’s next teeth cleaning, or they need a tooth repaired, our team has got you covered. We offer comprehensive preventive, restorative, and emergency dentistry for young smiles.

If it’s time for your child’s first or next dental appointment, we would love to meet them! We invite you to call our pediatric dental office to book a convenient time for their appointment.

257 Johnstown Center Dr. #107
Johnstown, CO 80534

Phone:(816) 806-1664

Hours of Operation open close
Monday 8:00 am 5:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am 6:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am 6:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 6:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am 2:00 pm

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